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FRI 30/6/2023  20:45  Alšovo náměstí

Energetic folklore with a brisk beat

This six-membered folk-rock band is existing since 2001 and is led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Jiří Buksa. The name "Docuku" means "quickly, rapidly, and lively" or "together" in the Wallachian local dialect. And the meaning is infused very well into their brisk, melodic songs on the edge of folk and rock. The are looking for  inspiration in collections of folk songs or compose their own creations based on Moravian-Silesian, Polish, Slovak or Balkan traditional music. However they are usually uniquely arranged and transformed into the form of love ballads or rock songs with a lot of energy.

Docuku has released three albums so far - Meziřečí (2004), Domrtě (2007), and Kdybych já věděl… (2013) - and they have gained two nominations for the Anděl music award in the world music category. Currently, the band is working on a new album.


FRI 30/6/2023 20:45 
Alšovo náměstí

Jirka Buksa  - guitar and vocals

Filip Kamas  - violin and vocal
Libor Jandík - drums, percussion and choir

Radek Cahlík  - double bass and vocals
Jaromír Žižka - accordion

Dan Pšenice - viola and chorus



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