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FRI 30/6/2023  11:00  Theatre Hall 

A musical multicultural trip beyond the limits of consciousness 

An international band led by blues and jazz guitarist Raphael Rogiński, born out of admiration for the traditional trance rhythms and rock psychedelia of West Africa in the 1970s. The Brotherhood of Peace, as it is translated from the Wolof language, also includes the Polish drummer Paweł Szpura and the griot player on the choir and ngoni luteNoums Balani Dembele from Burkina Faso.


The link in the multicultural fusion, in which tradition blends with the present and wild rhythms with desert meditation, is the expressive voice of singer, guitarist and performer Mamadou Ba from Senegal, known from the famous French experimental theater LaFabriks.


FRI 30/6/2023 11:00 
Theatre Hall

Mamadou Ba  - vocals and guitar

Raphael Rogiński  -  guitar

Paweł Szpura  - drums

Noums Balani Dembele  - kora

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