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FRI 30/6/2023  11:00  Theatre Hall 

Fresh access to modern instrumental music

A cross-genre band proves that instrumental music can carry strong current themes. The bands's original compositions range from prog-rock, nu-jazz, alternative and classical music. Jakub Mikula's piano compositions are supported by unconventional melodic cross-flute playing and ethereal vocals by Katarína Mikulová, while the dramatic rhythmic drive is provided by bassist Norbert Neuschl and drummer Marek Sasko. Trilobeat debuted in 2019 and since then, they have gained attention from experts and listeners through intense live performances accompanied by impressive visuals.

The band gained widespread recognition after the release of their second album, Extinction Horizon/Zánikový horizont, which features several star instrumental guests (David Kollar, Vladimár Mikláš, Michal Cálik, and Michal Šelep) and Canadian producer Vlad Avy. The conceptual focus of the album, named after the black ash line that archaeologists use to signal the demise of a civilization, addresses the themes of the climate crisis and the fate of humanity.


FRI 30/6/2023 11:00 
Theatre Hall

Jakub Mikula – piano

Katka Mikulová - transverse flute / vocals

Marek Sasko - percussion

Jakub Čulík - electric guitar
Oliver Kucharovič - bass

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