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THU 29/6/2023  20:45  Community Hall 

Authentic music of the Don Quijote region

The history of Vigüela is the story of a vital surrender to a cultural legacy of a wild and very ignored beauty: the traditional music of the center of the Iberian Peninsula. 


Vigüela was born in the mid-80s, like many other groups of young people who, after the Franco regime, sought in the popular manifestations of their land a way to channel their creative desires, without having to adopt musical styles that were alien to them.

With their music Vigüela want to enable people of different ages to interact and enjoy it and to maintain their intergenerational connection.

Vigüela is the first group to take the traditional styles (jota, seguidilla, fandango, son), interpreted as in their natural environment, with a large part of improvisation, and with an approach of artistic excellence, to the international professional stages of music of the world.


Thu 29/6/2023 20:45 
Community Hall

Carmen Torres  - vocals and percussion

Juan Antonio Torres  -  vocals, percussion, guitar, rebec

David Mollon - vocals, percussion, guitar

Mari Nieto  - vocals and percussion

Jonatan Mateos - violin, hurdy-gurdy

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