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FRI 30/6/2023  11:45  Community Hall 

Tradition revived by pop, jazz and chanson

Brina Vogelnik and her band, performing with the name Brina, are one of the most well-known representatives of Slovenian music. Her music is inspired by traditions, which she modernizes and combines them with pop, chanson, rock and jazz.


Brina was born in Ljubljana to a family of puppeteers, graphic designers and costume makers interested into folk art. Thanks to this artistic family background she has entered into music archives in her early youth. There she has studied and collected forgotten rural songs. Soon, she developed a sense for their new interpretation, rewriting lyrics and seeking new rhythms and dynamics in these melodies.


Brian has released many outstanding albums highly ranked in respected polls. They reflect her composer ambitions significantly inspired by tradition. She has a warm, persuasive, modest and unaffected voice, and her bandmates are the top Slovenian instrumentalists. Brina has performed all around the world, including at the Womex fair. Ten years ago, she took an artistic break, however in 2022 she returned to the scene with full force and renewed energy, releasing a successful album titled "That's It!".


FRI 30/6/2023 11:45 
Community Hall

Brina Vogelnik  - vocals

Jelena Ždrale  - violin, viola, kazoo, vocals

Urban Turjak  -  trombone, vocals

Blaž Celarec  - drums, percussion, clarinet, vocals

Nino De Gleria  - electric bass, double bass

Luka Ropret  - guitars, vocals

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