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THU 29/6/2023  15:45  Community Hall 

Slovak folklore  in all its glory

A music-vocal group of young girls, led by Andrej Dostál, focuses on traditional and popular music of their native village Terchová, located in the heart of Malá Fatra mountains. Local polyphonic folk songs, such as the grass-cutting songs, are part of the unique artistic phenomena that have not only made the village famous in Slovakia but also around the world.

The music from Terchová was added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2013. The Devany ensemble was formed in 2022 with the ambition of bringing the charm of the songs from the land of the bandit Juraj Jánošík to everyone who sees music as enrichment and cannot imagine life without it.


Thu 29/6/2023 15:45 
Community Hall

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