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The joint creation of a quartet of women from different ethnic and musical cultures with an electronic music producer

Four women from different ethnical and musical cultures. Four acclaimed world music artists, plus one electronic music producer. From Iran to Campania, from Valle d'Itria to Salento, and then beyond. Through a process of abstraction from the original elements of each tradition, Hysterrae creates a hypnotic journey in which voices, percussion, melodies and circularity create a feminine trance.

The debut album “Hysterrae” is self-named in order to highlight the original concept of the band: “Hyster” means the mother's womb in ancient Greek, in this case the womb of the Earth (“terrae” in Latin). The sound runs beyond the concept of borders of ethnic groups, bringing a strong message; there is a new life, a new awareness of being all part of one only great host: Mother Earth. Percussive rhythms and evocative polyphonic voices meet dub and EDM elements, bringing the audience back to a ritual, lost in the ancient times as well as in the electronic tribality of a contemporary sound.

Produced by the italian label Linfa, the album is distributed by Absilone / Believe Music, and supported by NuovoImaie / Nuove Produzioni Discografiche 2022/2023.


Cinzia Marzo - vocals, flute
Irene Lungo - vocals
Silvia Gallone - frame drum, qraqeb, percussion, vocals
Shadi Fathi - setar, tar, daf
Emanuele Flandoli - electronics, synthesizer, programming

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