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A combination of jazz improvisation and traditional music of the Ukrainian Polissya

Maniucha Bikont and Ksawery Wójciński is a duo that in it's own way combines jazz improvisation with dying-off traditional songs from the Polissya region in Ukraine. In their compositions they evoke spring, wedding, love songs, lullabies and put them into stories mapping the cycles of nature and human life. Together they narrate tales from diverse times and musical genres, drawing from Maniucha’s many years of travels to Ukrainian village singers as well as their own mutual musical imagination.

Thanks to Polish National Radio Award and support of fans they recorded their first album called Oj borom, borom... having a premiere in march 2017. Maniucha & Ksawery enjoy performing in cosy intimate spaces (small stages, backyards, countryside barns) as well as acoustically refined concert halls (like the Lutosławski Studio or the Szczecin Filharmonic Hall). During their concerts they not only sing and play music but also recall the stories and fables connected with their repertoire. As a visual counterpoint they use multimedia art created and performed live by Painters’ Collective.


Maniucha Bikont - voice
Ksawery Wójciński - double bass

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