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A colourful mosaic of modern jazz harmonies and funky trills

The band was formed in 2020 by friends who had been searching for their individual music expression for a while. Eventually, Mr.Lovo was a result of their mutual love for creative and experimental approaches to music. Through a period of cover versions of various artists mainly from jazz-rock / fusion and funk, they developed their unique expression and started making their original music.

If the listener is curious enough, they are in for an unusual ride. Colourful sonic landscapes are full of riddles asking for musical solutions which might surprise the ears, but luckily end up being pleasing, satisfactory and harmonious.

Although the five musicians are all strong individuals and creative forces in their own right, they fall into the jigsaw like pieces into a mosaic resulting in the very strong synergy which is Mr.Lovo.


Petr Venkrbec- sax, synth, wind controller
Martin Poledna - piano, synth
Ladislav Výmola- guitar
Rumil Kofta- bass
Libor Orel - drums

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