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An intimate fusion of pop with strong elements of jazz and melancholic songwriting

NIKA, a songwriter and composer, released a spellbinding debut album in the spring of 2022 called Flesh & Soul. An alumnus of Janáček’s conservatory course in composition, NIKA utilizes genres such as jazz, pop, folk and alternative in an original way in her work. In her lyrics, she deals with personal relationships, the artificiality of the world around us, the false semblance of perfection, and the topics of manipulation, pretence, and even physical and psychological violence. NIKA has been playing the piano since she was four years old and started writing her first compositions when she was six. She was influenced by rock, jazz synthesis, and classical music. Her backup band consists of the drummer Jonáš Bjolek, pianist Pavel Duda, and bass player Nicolas Gatto.

NIKA received the Moravian-Silesian Art Prize Jantar for the album Flesh & Soul in the category of popular music and is the winner of the Junior category of the JazzFruit competition.


Veronika Boráková - voice
Jonáš Bjolek - drums
Pavel Duda - piano
Nicolas Gatto- basa

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