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THU 29/6/2023  21:30  Theater Hall 

Experimental electronic music with a vibraphone

Stroon has been a vibrant element on the Slovak music scene for more than a decade. Not only thanks to vibraphone, typical of him, but also because of countless projects and cooperations where he leaves his imprint. Dreaminess, contemplation, strife for weightlessness, conceptualism - all those are ideas behind his music. Modality, rhythmic structures, minimalism, distortion, synth-scapes and proto-melodics are the music itself. His live-sets and production as well are site, time, audience and project-specific, resulting into a blend of electronic & acoustic compositions which aim for discovering new horizons and immersiveness. 

Large portion of his works is made of music for theatre (Shift, Folklore not War), dance theatre (Fettered to the Moment, Off the Ground), films (Good Old Czechs, Empty Spaces), series and shorts (IKONY, Kraj, Art Warm-up) silent films (Extase, Adventures of Prince Achmed), site-specific performances (White Night, Slovak National Gallery), events (Eset Science Awards) and commercials. He has performed at many venues and festivals in Slovaki and abroad (Open'er, Lunchmeat, BAM festival, Waves, BUSH, Konvergencie, VIVA musica, Pohoda...)


THU 29/6/2023 21:30 
Theater Hall

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