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FRI 30/6/2023  12:30  Theater Hall 

Unusual, playful and hard to classify

SUTARI is the power of three female voices and rich musical imagination. The artists continue the traditions of Polish folk singers. Their work set a new direction in thinking about traditional music in Poland. They experiment with various vocal techniques, polyphony, traditional Polish rhythms, and explore the musical potential of everyday objects used as instruments. They arrange traditional Polish songs as well as compose their own, based on various female musical traditions.

Sutari was selected to present their work at the largest international world music fair WOMEX 2015 and is one of the very few Polish and European groups to have recorded a musical session at cult American radio station KEXP.


They made their debut in 2012 at Polish Radio’s „New Tradition” Folk Festival, where they won the jury’s second prize and the audience award. Soon thereafter, they were declared most interesting new folk group of 2012 in Poland.


FRI 30/6/2023  12:30 
Theatre Hall

Basia Songin - vocals, Wolf bass, Owl viola,  frame drums, percussion, looper

Kasia Kapela - vocals, violin, kankles, frame drums, percussion

Dobromiła Życzyńska - vocals, violin, frame drums, percussion



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