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THU 29/6/2023  15:00  Theatre Hall 

From modern jazz to free jazz to Bartók

Treetop is a Contemporary Chamber Jazz trio of Berlin based accordionist Vojta Drnek, Prague based trombonist Richard Šanda and Bratislava based bass player Michal Šelep.


The unusual setting is the result of a unique synergy and musical and personal understanding between the three musical personalities. They inspire each other and the cooperation between the three "leaders" is very natural and fluid. Their diverse repertoire reflects many aspects of Treetop’s musical journey, spanning from jazz influences or folklore inspiration to contemporary musical concepts, enabling them to explore the unknown potential of this unusual instrumentation.



Thu 29/6/2023 15:00 
Theatre Hall

Vojta Drnek  - accordion

Richard Šanda  - trombone

Michael Šelep  - double bass

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