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FRI 30/6/2023  17:45  Alšovo náměstí

Discover the magic of the Basque instrument trikitixa

Internationally famous virtuoso on the diatonic accordion trikitixa, an inherent instrument of Basque traditional music since the 19th century, nicknamed the "devil's bellows". Xabi is considered the successor to legendary player Kepa Junkera and, like him, travels the world, spreading the fame of Basque music and establishing contacts with stars of the Celtic diaspora.

He has also collaborated with musicians from Canada, Palestine, the USA, and Argentina on his highly rated albums. He is one of the most prominent figures in Basque culture and a refined composer who combines innovation with traditions and brings them into the 21st century. He has won many awards and performed at the Womex 2020. Now, at Czech Music Crossroads 2023, he is going to perform with his band .


FRI 30/6/2023  17:45
Alšovo náměstí

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