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THU 29/6/2023  17:15  Community Hall 

The return of the young generation to their own traditions

Although this five-member acoustic band is named after a dove, their music is not exclusively about love. However, part of repertoire collected from Slovenia and the Balkans are song with romantic themes. Since 2020, Gugutke is focusing on performing traditional melodies, dances and gypsy inspirations in the most authentic form possible. However, their personal instrumental and vocal skills and their relationship with jazz occasionally exceed the original traditional form.


Playing music that has survived among people for centuries gives them a sense of strong connection with nature, and that is the reason why they enjoy performing open-air very much.


Thu 29/6/2023 17:15 
Community Hall

Nejc Poljanec – harmonica, vocals 

Tomaž Zevnik – clarinet 

Benjamin Barbarič – guitar, violin

Luka Poljanec – drums 

Gal Golob – bass

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